Treatment Options

Individual Therapy– One to One one hour weekly therapy sessions. Each therapy session provides the safe space for exploration, understanding, skill education and growth.

Couples Therapy– Couples meet for one hour weekly in supportive therapy sessions. Each partner uses the hour to create new and strengthen current communication between the two. Each partner is supported in this setting to create the relationship and build on the relationship in which will help it thrive.

Family Therapy– Families join together weekly within a supportive room, with one of our skilled therapists, where they can effectively see, hear and learn about one another. Family sessions will provide each member of the family tools in which are designed to meet the members needs and helpful in nurturing the dynamic. Each family member, whether biological or not, can find their rightful place in this setting and begin to learn steps in which they can use these teachings to transition back home.

Group Therapy– Group members meet in a small group setting. The skilled facilitator will use evidence based group therapy interventions, that will help members interpersonally and intrapersonally. Each member will have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of themselves in relation to another, begin to explore trust barriers, learn and practice effectively communicating thoughts and feelings and develop skills to build appropriate and nurturing boundaries.

Meal Support (In Home or Virtual)- Specialized treatment planning and scheduling using the Family Based Therapy Model.

Meal Coaching– Specialized treatment planning and scheduling using an integrative theoretic approach.

Experiential Therapies– Experiential groups are scheduled quarterly, individually or successively with advance notice when requested. Each experiential group accommodates 6-8 members, the group facilitator, and will be themed. Themes may address trauma support, family dynamics/roles, compassion skills and approaches, grief and loss, thought restructuring, body awareness and more.

*Assessments -All therapy will include an initial assessment. The assessment will last approximately one and a half hours and will be scheduled as the first session. The assessment will be an opportunity for you to relay all that is of concern to you. This will help us to learn as much as we can about your history and your present circumstances in order for us to best support you. Sometimes, we may schedule an additional assessment session to complete the full assessment. At the end of the assessment session we collaborate on deciding what your goals will be for treatment and what types of therapeutic mediums and interventions will best support your meeting them.*